Spectacular celebrations

We operate with the utmost discretion, creating highly individual parties which we run with exquisite attention to detail.

We have thirty years’ experience in planning and delivering perfectly magical celebrations.

Highly individual,
entirely independent

Our independence allows us to piece together events that are absolutely bespoke.

From dazzling venues to world-class chefs and mind-boggling entertainment, we know the people and places to make your celebration both extraordinary and exceptional.

Discretion is the better
part of glamour

We will guard your privacy fiercely in the run up to your celebration, during it and forever after. Our suppliers will too. If you like, we will gently police your guests to control social media exposure.

Remarkable always.
Wasteful never.

We guard your budget as carefully as your privacy. Our suppliers provide the best food, drink, staging and entertainment in the world, but we keep tight control of the cost at which they do so. Every penny of your budget will be thoughtfully deployed.

No party politics

From the often complex issue of seating plans, to the subtleties of invitation wording, past the minefield of dietary requirements and onto the diplomacy of traffic management, we love to whisk away every possible complexity and pain from you, leaving you to fully enjoy your celebration.

Business and pleasure

The events we create for our business clients are as imaginative and impressive as our private parties.

They are planned and executed by the same team, with the same values in mind: discretion, excellence and forensic attention to detail.

It was a testament to your team that every detail Their Royal Highnesses had hoped for was not only included, but interpreted with Fait Accompli flair. The culmination of all your hard work was a simply breath-taking experience.

Royal Household

I’ve already had several messages from guests saying the wedding was the best they’ve ever been to and I think it is safe to say people have been rather spellbound by everything. Everything was so perfect and you guys were sublime the whole time. How lucky we were to have you…

Ellie Goulding