Exquisite weddings

Your wedding should be utterly unforgettable, deeply romantic, exquisitely beautiful and entirely “you”. We design, plan and orchestrate weddings that are all those things and more.

Your vision made real

To begin with we listen carefully as you describe your vision for the day. Then we set about making that vision a reality. We have the experience and the imagination to realise the most wonderful weddings on earth.

From save the date
to going away

We are ally, advisor and experienced hand at every stage. No detail escapes our attention, no problem – either political or practical – is too complex for us. Our purpose throughout is to deliver you the day you dream of without hassle, headache or heartache.

An uninterrupted dream

Because we are discreetly on hand throughout the day itself, you can soak up the experience of a magical day without any stress or interruption. From the flow of traffic to the flow of champagne, nothing will demand your attention – or escape ours.

It was a testament to your team that every detail Their Royal Highnesses had hoped for was not only included, but interpreted with Fait Accompli flair. The culmination of all your hard work was a simply breath-taking experience.

Royal Household

I’ve already had several messages from guests saying the wedding was the best they’ve ever been to and I think it is safe to say people have been rather spellbound by everything. Everything was so perfect and you guys were sublime the whole time. How lucky we were to have you…

Ellie Goulding